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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shut the noise up you silly tarts!

I’m genuinely outraged. Haha tipu je. Ok. I’m laying on my bed reading a novel that I borrowed from state library using my friend’s membership card (a must to mention). I was very excited since I’m not into novels compared to magazines and if I read it especially Malay novels, I’ll very soon go through it until the dialogues appear. Extremely impatient. Haha. I just can’t bear the fruity flowery sentences. Angin sepoi bertiup lembut membilas mukanya yang mana separuh dahinya dilitupi rambut hitam pekat halus, senantiasa disisir kemas, bagai menyerlahkan iras wajah berbentuk hati yang diwarisi keturunan ibunya. Dia merenung jauh ke dalam awan kelabu yang ditafsirkan sebagai suatu suratan dalam episod hidupnya, hatinya tersentuh, bilakah melodarama ini akan berakhir? Jarinya yang masih merah berinai ditekupkan ke muka, tidak mampu lagi menanggung kesakitan yang amat perit, bangang, sakit gila jerawat batu ni. Hahahaha yu allzz nak baca tak kalau I buat novel bahahahahahaha. I remembered when I was in school, the obsess Huzerk, my dorm mate in Form 4 always buying novels, magazines and comics. Ombak Rindu, Fruit Basket and a less more that I can’t remember. Then the novels-addicts from my batch (girls) will booked to read it and that became a long chain until it falls to my hand even my bed was just next to her. Huzerk will shout, baca elok-elok jangan buka luas-luas nanti buku tu kembang sort of bahahahahaha. But Ombak Rindu is great. And Ramli Awang Murshid thriller stories too.

Back to the topic. It was in first page and specifically on a half of the first sentence. ‘’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ni yang aku geram niiiiiiiii’’. ‘’aaaaaa……..$%#@&^*………!!!!!’’ and the female lion shout awards ok ok continued screaming (together with scolding) which u might easily deaf by standing next to her. Seriously. The thousand decibel of her voice reached my house. owh spoiled, can u just shut up. Why on earth still have that kind of wife and mother? I asked my mother about what I heard. She told me that the woman even react as to kill her husband with knife. Mother and one of my neighbors saw the dramas. I’m not going to be nosy on what the hell going on, even my mum, but pity her kids. When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be star I want to rebel yeah.

I went to my mum’s village on weekends. My cousin will married in the end of this month-Insyaallah-so the mothers decide to prepare a dish together. The kids were bloody naughty, noisy and tough which I’m not sure if I can handle that situation. I was laughing while looking at their way of behaving. What can I do more; I’m not a mum and the elder one in there. Very stubborn and I bet u’ll fed up. I don’t know what happen next as I can’t stand the noise and went to another cousin’s house to take a nap. Haha. As I go back to the house, my mum told me what’s happening while I’m not around. One of my cousins (yes I do have a lot of cousins there, shut up) wanted to beat them and my mum asked to the kids but answered it herself: cer pi tanya makngah (refer to me even I’m the youngest T_T) dia penah kena tibai dak? Ha tanya la. Mana penah. Sekali pun tak penah aih. The kids astonished. Whoa baiknyaa… they shrugged.

Hahahaha. Never been hit doesn’t mean that I’m a good child. It was true that my parents never hit me but my mum did cubit cubit me when I was in primary! as I forced her to let me go to my best friend’s house, Zila, who always invited me to sleep at her house and so do I. Haha. I’m not sure why we were so excited to sleep at each other house, not just enough to meet at school. We were both the youngest and does not have any other siblings at home, ya, may be that is the perfect reason.

My mum said, budak budak ni kita kena pujuk dia..tak boleh marah-marah sangat..and the kids shush. Silence. Haha.

***Hmm, I’d been forced to take a snap of Ceplos at Apa Khabar Orang Kampung which held near my mum’s village. Here he is, a skinny sporting teenage.

please forgive the excited nanny.